Pink Floral Diaper Cake // How-to Make a Diaper Cake // Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial

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      1. These are Pampers swaddlers — I just rolled them with the patterned band on the inside. The rubberbands are covering the yellow line.

    1. Hi Jackie! The floral ribbon is older from my ribbon stash in my craft closet. I would check Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Joann for something similar. 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

  1. I love this. I am making this for my friend she is hosting baby shower for her girlfriend. I have never done one before. I am going to put it together and i will take a picture and post it. Wish me luck.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I started making diaper cakes for the ladies at work. So far my daughter and i have made 6 cakes. i have a few added suggestions.
    I use size 3 diapers to make the cake a little Bigger. I also started to use “raInbow loom” RUBBER BANDS wHen rolling diapErS. You can choose colors that match the shower colors. Using Colored popsicle stickS slid into the diapEr to attach toys or other objects wIth the rubber bands works Well. I also use small bits of tissue paper to fIll in between objects Or add a little “PIZZAZ“ to the cake. For a base i found that the foam presentation board works very nicely.

  3. Thank you for the editorial makes it look so easy to do. I’m going to use newborn diapers. My daughter is having twin girls this summer. I’m looking forward to this a LOT.

  4. I’ve several diaper cakes but it’s been nearly 15years! Thanks for the refresher! One of the things I did was to wrap each layer in a receiving blanket as “frosting”. this Hides all the diapers and Just makes everything NEATER!
    Love the monkey dresses in baby clothes. Great idea really cute!

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