The Perfect Farmhouse Floral Curtains // My Top Curtain Hanging Tips and Hacks

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  1. Those are really great tips. It also helps to keep a checklist of everything, so when you visit the home it will help you remember where and what items you want and things you want to be addressed. it is such an exciting time which makes it easier to miss what we may consider small things, but end up being bigger issues later on.

  2. Congratulations in six months in your home! I think the advice about Asking for What you want can beapplied to any process.

  3. I would love to have a home build just for my family. I am not sure I’d be bold enough to express my wishes, though.

  4. this is a great post about what to expect when expecting your home to be built! the idea of having expectations on a timeline is one that most people don’t think about.

  5. All great tips! My father and husband are contractors so I know all to well about schedules and how the weather, delivery of items, and trades can cause a schedule to go off track. Not to mention passing inspections, this is the big one people forget about.

  6. Wow!!! Congrats you guys!!! This is huge! I think going by the house everyday is really important as well!

  7. As we get ready to build our new home I’m thankful for this list and somebody I can ask questions when I feel like I’m losing my mind in the process 🙂 Congrats to you and your family on Your new home!

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