10 Things You Must Know to Rock Your Bridesmaids Duties, a guest post by Bridesmaids Confession, Common Bridesmaids Expenses

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  1. People sometimes forget to factor in the cost of traveling to the wedding, so I’m glad you mentioned that. It can definitely get expensive to be a bridesmaid, but it’s also really fun (I’ve done it 3 times). You look beautiful in the pic from the professional makeup artist, but I wish she’d let your pretty freckles show through!!

    1. Hi Erin. How sweet of you to compliment my freckles! I told her I wanted to go a little more glam for that wedding. Usually, I’m a full face of freckles as I’m very low key with my everyday makeup. I think a lot of people forget how quick the costs add up in general, so I always like to advise bridesmaids to write out all possible expenses in the beginning.

    2. Erin, you hit the nail right on the head! I definitely had to take that into consideration for my bridesmaids – they were all from out of town! I actually discussed this all with them prior to officially asking them to be in my wedding to make sure that they were going to be okay with the expenses of it all. 🙂

      Also, doesn’t she! I absolutely loved how Theresa’s make-up look came out. She’s a beauty inside and out. <3

    1. Theresa’s MUA for that wedding was amazing! (It makes me wish I would have had someone do my make-up for my own big day!) Also, I couldn’t believe it at first either until I actually became one for my brother’s wedding. It’s definitely something I think brides need to address with their girls before asking them to commit.

  2. Thank you for such an amazing resource! I have been a bridesmaid, but I feel like the weddings in which I’ll stand up in the future will require more duties, planning, and yes, partying. I’m pinning this for a future date when I’m a bridesmaid again.

    1. Hi, Erin! You’re so welcome! Theresa did such an amazing job compiling this list of such amazing tips for bridesmaids. I definitely feel like as weddings start getting more elaborate that the duties start growing for the bridal party. I hope this is something you can look back on for that day you are a bridesmaid again! 🙂

  3. I know I might be bias because I’m Theresa’s mom, but I really loved this article! Very well written and informative.

  4. Yes! Sometimes I feel like bridesmaids don’t really understand their role, and they think they are just there to stand in the wedding. Really they are there to support the braid and often need to be available for more duties. This is a great post that all woman should read. I loved it.

    1. Amen, girl friend! I definitely wish I would have had Theresa as a resource for my bridal party when I got married. (Heck, even for me when I was a bridesmaid!) These tips would have been amazing! 🙂

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