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  1. OMGosh! I love that you mention it’s okay if the groom isn’t helping. I think every bride struggles with this. It’s so true that just because he’s not into the details of the day, doesn’t mean he isn’t excited about getting married!

    1. Yes!! PREACH. IT. GIRL. I have had countless brides express during our planning that they think it’s weird that their groom isn’t interested in helping with the plans. He most likely is interested in helping with the cake, food, and DJ. Other than that, it’s totally normal that he doesn’t care the type of linens or flatware!! ;)

  2. I planned my own wedding. Even though it was “stressful” I found it to be just as stressful as planning any party. I think the points you mentioned above were spot on!

    Celeste |

    1. I’m glad to hear that you didn’t get overwhelmingly stressed while planning your own wedding. I think a lot of other brides forget that planning isn’t a prescription for stress. It definitely is what you make of it! :)

  3. Yes!! love all of these points. I just got married in April and it was a DIY wedding completely (I wasn’t working at the time, so I could plan everything/make everything) but HIGHLY recommend getting a day of coordinator. That’s something that I didn’t do because I thought that my family could handle the tasks…big mistake haha! love that you have that in here.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you also found them helpful! Getting a day-of coordinator is definitely my biggest piece of advice when it comes to brides planning their own weddings. It is definitely impossible to star and direct your own wedding day. Also, leaving it up to family rather than a professional can also be more stressful than it’s worth saving the money on! You really want everyone to relax and enjoy the whole day together. :)

  4. I completely agree with the DIY tip! I did not have the patience to DIY my chalkboards so I outsourced those to a pro and they turned out much better than I would have ever done.

  5. Great tips! I especially love the one about Keep Your Priorities Straight! It can be so hard to do, but it is definitely the most important! Thanks!! <3

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I think when some couples forget what the day is about during the planning process, it turns into a production rather than a wedding. Getting married is suppose to be one of the most exciting things in life – not a stressed out broadway show! ;)

  6. I agree that it’s ok to ask for help! I will have a wedding coordinator for my big day, and I really don’t know how I could manage without that. I want to be able to enjoy my wedding and not stress during the ceremony and reception.
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //

    1. That is exactly what I tell brides when I meet with them to talk about my day-of coordinating services! My job is to really make sure that you and your groom are guests of honor at your own wedding. You’ve put so much work into planning your big day – you deserve to enjoy it rather than ‘work’ it! <3

    1. Helene! Congratulations, my dear, on your upcoming wedding! This is such an exciting time in your life, and I wish you all the love and well wishes in the world to you and your significant other. <3

  7. Day of support is so essential! I’m glad you recommend it! I’ve coordinated a few weddings and the brides always seem less stressed than the ones who don’t have any support.

    1. Yes! Unfortunately there’s a really high number of people that say they wish they would have had a wedding planner’s help (if they didn’t have one) on their wedding day. I think it’s super important to secure one so you can actually sit back, relax, and enjoy your wedding day!

  8. Planning my own wedding has been so stressful! I figured I’d want to DIY a lot of things, but I was so wrong!

    1. Awh, Lindsey! I’m so sorry to hear that your wedding planning has been stressful. A lot of brides go into planning with the exact same mindset – you’re not alone. I hope that you at least invest in a day-of coordinator to help ease that stress as the day gets closer. You deserve to enjoy your big day! :)

  9. This is very valuable advice for future reference. However, I have helped plan weddings before, and always struggle with advice since I’ve never been down the aisle myself. What wonderful tips and advice, I will make sure to pin it for future reference.

    1. Awh, Caitlin! I am sorry to hear that your cousin is so stressed planning her own wedding. I think a lot of times brides can get over their heads so fast – especially if they’ve never planned something like a wedding before. Best wishes to her, and let her know I’ve got so much more when it comes to tips and advice on my blog!

  10. These are all great tips! I never would have thought to hire a day of coordinator, but I can see how that would be so helpful and help reduce stress. Also, love the last tip! I think sometimes people get so focused on the wedding and all the details. The most important part of the wedding is marrying the person you love and celebrating that union.

    1. Thank you, Crystal! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post. I think hiring a day-of coordinator is a great compromise for a bride wanting to plan her big day while still getting the chance to actually enjoy it on the day-of. :) And, yes! The last tip is definitely the most important! It makes me so sad to see people lose sight of that.

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