Sweet as Honey Southern Wedding Inspiration, The Barn at Oak Manor Styled Shoot featured on The Perfect Palette, Atlanta Certified Wedding Planner

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    1. Right! ;) When I find my brides stressed over the smaller details, I always make them look at their priorities for the day. Guests will not be going over your design with a fine tooth comb. :P

  1. Ah good tips!! These are the top things I actually did think about to make sure my guests are going to be loving for my wedding later down the road. I too was considering making the food more personal! Since we’re both living in 2 different countries I was gonna do a poutine & Carne Asada Fries Bar (Canada & California) at like 10-11pm for the late munchies after dinner,drinks and dancing!!

    1. Oh my goodness! Poutine and Carne Asada Fries Bar sounds like HEAVEN! I think late night reception ‘drunchies’ (HA! Drunk munchies!) are one of the most loved things among guests! Everyone loves a little salt when they’ve been drinking and having a good time. ;)

  2. I agree that food and music are key make or break of a good wedding! Also I personally think keeping the speeches short – we have been to a few weddings and the best are when they speeches are short and simple, not long and drawn out!

    1. Meg, I’m so glad that you agree about the food and music! I know what you mean about long drawn out speeches. I just view it as the parents having their one shining moment in the day to talk about their babies. It makes my heart melt every time!

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