Best and Worst Wedding Advice, Certified Atlanta Georgia Wedding Planner, Atlanta Wedding Coordinator

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  1. This is great! for sure something I want to bookmark to share with future brides. And so funny!! the maid- of- honor can do everyones makeup! HAHAHAHA!!! I look forward to reading more posts!

  2. Thanks for posting these snippets of brilliant (and sometimes brutal!) wedding advice, Cathy. Those who urged couples to take a few moments to themselves and just observe what is going on around them are 100% correct. If you can take the time to step back, look around the reception hall and think ‘everyone here made the time to join us in celebrating this happiest of days’, it’s about as perfect a moment as you can get in your life.
    One other sage piece of advice I would give is, for your budget and your wedding day schedule, cut yourself some slack. Unless you’re extremely organised or lucky, the day isn’t going to go exactly to plan, so allow yourself a few minutes’ leeway to avoid panic. Likewise, whatever you think something is going to cost you, budget for at least an extra 10% (or more for core items such as venue and photography) so that you don’t come in for a rude awakening further down the line.

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